Shower Doors, Bathroom Renovations Sydney

Choose a  frameless or framed shower door or an open shower for your new bathroom remodel. An open shower is becoming very popular but remember you need more space to do this that having a frameless or framed shower.  A framless shower enclosure is just that. It’s a glass shower door that has no frame.…


Keeping Costs Down! Bathroom Renovations Sydney

You want to keep your bathroom renovation cost in the mid-range.  You can do this a couple of ways.  By selecting good-quality-but-lower-priced fixtures and materials and by not moving any plumbing or electrical  already in the bathroom. These things will really help keep the final bill down and on budget!

Choosing Material For Bathroom Renovations Sydney

It’s so exciting to do a bathroom renovation.  It also takes some patients!  Your bathroom will be torn up for a few weeks while work is being done-but the end result will be much worth the wait!  Good planning is the key along with a good contractor.  Bathroom and kitchens generally are the most expensive…